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Entre 2 mares

We are an SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) which has been developing its business over the last 12 years. We are authorised to carry out underwater scientific work and are a certified user of hyperbaric chambers in accordance with the Hyperbaric Medical Unit in Cartagena. Entre2mares offers a wide range of facilities, equipment, and multi-disciplined technical staff, comprising of professional divers, chemical analysts, lab technicians, environmentalists, biologists, marine scientists, geologists, archaeologists and underwater video specialists.

We have a specialised management team that can provide technical advice on any kind of underwater work to eliminate possible negative impacts on marine environments. Our research is tailored to meet the individual technical requirements and procedures allocated to each client and at the same time comply with the Clean Seas Environmental Monitoring Programme (Programa de Control de Vertidos al Mar) imposed by the central government. This is typically dependant on the type of activity and resulting discharge caused. Our detailed reports are complemented with underwater photography and sub-aquatic videos to document and record the work undertaken in our studies.

We have also worked for other companies including:
BUNGE SPAIN, ENAGAS, General Electric and Plastics, Ambiental Publishing Llc, Nextcom Editing Company Llc, Spanish Ministry of the Environment, TVE, Canal 9, TVA.


Marine, Laboratory and Office work
Graphic documentation and broadcasting
Technical Diving

Environmental and Oceanographic Projects

Some of our work

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