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Environmental and Oceanographic Projects

We are highly specialised in scientific and technical projects related to marine ecosystems. Our main services include:
Projects based on the quality of wastewater (urban or industrial, ponds and lakes).

Physicochemical analysis of sediments, taxonomic identification of sea organisms, analysis of marine biocoenosis, bionomic mapping and environmental impact assessments. We have also developed environmental monitoring programmes related to infrastructures and coastal works, such as enlargements to harbours, desalination plants, marine outfalls, wind farms and fish farms.

Studies of benthic and planktonic biocoenosis. Research on seaweed and seagrass beds. Monitoring and surveillance of species of a particular interest and dispersion of invasive species. Surveys on sediments and monitoring the growth of bacteria in activities related to fish farming. Monitoring phytoplankton and zooplankton in areas with high concentration of organic matter. Research on the dispersion of pollutants. Hydrodynamic studies of coastal areas.

Dilution and hydrodynamic studies.


Research on short and long-range dilution to characterise the hydrodynamic behaviour of industrial waste from WWTPs, IDAM Desalination Plant. Our studies were conducted using the following software: CORMIX 7.0 and VISUAL PLUMES 4th EDITION (developed and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency -EPA-).

Dynamic characterisation of marine currents, assessment on the impact of waste discharges in the marine environment and the current variability in a water column. ACDP Workhorse Sentinel 600KHz Current meter.

At present we have a working agreement with the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Alicante, which endorses our reports, resulting in considerable cost savings on our work. Thanks to this unique position we can cut down on our facilities and equipment costs and consequently, offer the most competitive pricing on the market.

Our highly-qualified personnel guarantee the correct implementation of all our projects along with the most advanced state of the art equipment technology: XDCAM HD, video editing workstations MAC Octo Pro, 12 GB RAM, PCs Windows 7 and WXXP Professional, plus software and models necessary to undertake environmental surveys and mapping.

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